Bolt WiFi module setup

I am trying to connect my WiFi module with my mobile phone. While trying I could see both the blue and green light glow stable but in my mobile it shows that no device is connected.


Was it the first time you were trying to set up your Bolt IoT Device?

@akshayan.sinha Yes sir. It is the first time I’m setting up my bolt device


Did your App crash while setting up the device?

And please let me know whether you are using Android 12.

@akshayan.sinha . No I’m using Android 11 only


Is your Bolt’s Green and Blue LED stable when turned on?

Can you please shoot a video of the light’s being stable but not visible in the Mobile App?

Upload to the google drive and mail the PUBLIC link to

@akshayan.sinha ok sir I will

@akshayan.sinha Sir I mailed the video through the mail sir.

@vasa20ec117 please try to connect the bolt module and and your mobile phone with bolt app to the same WIFI connection so it will connect to the bolt cloud without any error or issues. Even I faced the same problem initially.

@tejasm.ee19 @akshayan.sinha I tried what you told but even though it shows no device is connected

yes I also tried many times but it is showing no device connected


Can you create a new post and elaborate on your issue? Have you followed the steps and provided wifi credentials to your Bolt Module?

What is the status of the BLUE and GREEN lights on your module?