Boltiot project 7

both the leds are stable.
have connected the LED to module(shorter leg to GND,Longer leg to GPIO).
no respnse when trying to make it work.
What’s the mistake?
Buzzer setup was working in the afternoon,not working now.

HI i’m athul.
-Have you ensured the connection of the configured pin and the connected pin
-check the bolt device id and the auth token
-also check the bolt iot is connected to the cloud(the green light on the board)

Hi, I am Deepti.
Firstly, make sure allthe connections are neat and tight.
Secondly, check your code.
Thirdly, check your configurations like API key, Auth token, Device id etc.
Lastly, make sure your bolt iot has green light on(connected to the cloud).
Also, try using other LED, might be the issue with the one you are using.
Precautions: Disconnect your bolt device from power before changing any connections.

Hye @adeeshdesai

  1. Check your network connection ,as this happens with me too ,try to reconnect to your network.
  2. Check you api_key and device_id once again from your bolt cloud module ,may be you had made mistake there.
  3. And again if it not works change your LED, may be you had problem with your led.
  4. Connect buzzer’s negative pin with ground and positive pin with 0.

Make your every connection while disconnecting from power source. Try it once more ,if you still face any issues, let me know.

Hello Adeesh,

Just so you know, there is a certain rate limit that comes into play when you utilize your Api Key generated by bolt. The relaxation time is probably about six hours. This is done to ensure fair access to API for every user. Once you surpass that time threshold, please regenerate your API key and try testing the buzzer again, it should work. As for the led, please check your connections. If you have connected your bolt module to a higher power source, consider using a resistor as well. If not try using another led and/or debug your code.

Regards! ,
the rate limit might be the cause.
Will try again.

Check Wheather you have linked the product with the wifi module and please don’t use resistors with buffer.