Boot device not working

When I plug into the Bolt module the blue light isn’t starting and I also checked that the device is offline. Help please. Sometimes it starts working the blue light gets on but cloud light doesn’t work

check if your cable connector is proper

Yes it’s working properly. I connected it to other electronic devices to check

okay. All the best for future endeavors

Hi @kuntalmitra02, Can you share a video as well? Do try connecting to a different cable as well. It may so happen that the USB connector may be loose. But a video of it would really help us pin point it.

The device is connected with current and the light is not lighted. I have checked in virtual box that the device is offline. When I plug in the blue light only blinks and go off again. I would have uploaded a video but the file format is not supported

Hi @kuntalmitra02
@pranav.kundaikar.inv @ravi.ujjwal
we are forwarding this issue to our support ,
In the meantime please restart and reboot your bolt device , and also check the power connection from sockets sometimes the plugs are loose from socket end too. Do provide a short video of the device to review the problem clearly
Thanks for being patient .
Regards ,
Lokesh Agarwal