Both leds are glowing without a blink even at first plugin

I have recieved the kit. But it is corrupted .

when i first plug in bolt device to the usbcable to check if it is working or not ,the led were not blinking at all,they both were glowing but did not blink.they only keeps on glowing no matter how many time i replug it. I tried different usbs and different adapter but still the same the leds were glowing i was not able to add my device on bolt iot app

hi @navdeepsuneha I think the bolt wifi device already connected with any wifi router it can be your house wifi or others.check it out.

As you know when the blue led is blinking slowly it is in power on state
when the blue led is blinking fast it is connected with your bolt iot app of your phone
and when both of the led 's are glowing that means it is connected to the wifi router

there is no wifi router on in my house or anywhere near me
it just keep showing both led glowing and no matter how many time I replug it same problem is there

@navdeepsuneha Please share a small video of the same to If the device is defective, it will be replaced free of charge.