Building a Pet-Feeder using Bolt

Hi everyone,

I have recently built a Do-It-Yourself Pet Feeder using my Bolt. In this project, you can feed your pet remotely via the Bolt cloud dashboard by just a click of a button.
This project got a lot of views and was much appreciated by the community and even featured on the Arduino blog.
Check out the project at,

Let me know what you think about this project and also suggest some improvements that can be made.
If you have made a similar project using Bolt or want to build one, do share it here.

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Hello, Ahmed - I am trying to build a similar version of your design and would love your input! Please let me know if you would be available to ask you some questions - most of them will pertain to your use of the Bolt module, as I just got it today and am very new to it. Thanks!

Hi @al5031,
Great to see that you want to build something with your Bolt.
I would love to help you out in building your pet feeder. I had great fun building mine too! Feel free to ask me any questions that you have in your mind.
Before you get started, do read through the API documentation given on the Bolt cloud.

Thanks!! I am firstly interested to see how you set the Bolt up, as that is not part of you Pet Feeder guide.

Hi @al5031,

Sorry for not replying earlier as I was a bit tied up. I had used a Bolt to speak to the Boltduino. The Boltduino is exactly like an Arduino except that it has a slot for your Bolt device.
If you don’t have the Boltduino, you can connect the Tx, Rx pins of the Bolt to the Rx, Tx pins of the Boltduino. This would enable the Bolt to talk to the Boltduino and perform actions based on the data that it receives.

Let me know if you need more help!

i have a doubt.I just ran the code but nothing is happening.The servo didnt rotate

The html code is not working.