Buzzer not working in the circuit (API)

In controlling the LED section turning on and off of the LED was possible but when the LED was replaced with the buzzer as per the assignment no sound was heard. I tested the buzzer with the 9V battery it was working fine but not when connected to the circuit .As there are many projects related to buzzer in the further sections please tell the solution.

Check buzzer pins shorter one should connect to GND and longer one to any of GPIO 01234.

@dheerajswaroop15 Do not connect the resistor in case buzzer. Just connect the +ve terminal of the buzzer to GPIO pin and -ve terminal to the GND pin.

To connect the buzzer, use male to female wire. Make sure API key is enabled. Use analogWrite() function to change the sound that the buzzer produces.
Hope this information helped you.
Thank you.

the problem might be with the low sound that the buzzer’s giving out. i had the same problem too. Hence the case might be that youve not removed the sticker on top of the buzzer. If so ,then you woudnt be able to hear the buzzer although its working fine. Try it out!

thank you so much!!! It worked

An alternative for a buzzer would be an LED . Buzzer is only used to get a audio input that helps us to know different time periods between two buzzes ,so an LED can act as a buzzer via visual indication . I believe that you could make an algorithm that makes the LED blink with different time periods.

thank you @akshaykumar.kumar198. It worked for me!!!

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Please tell the process of API , after writing the code do we have to generate new API key and copy it and then link the hardware?

Its not mandatory to generate a new API key. Its optional.
Once you have copied your bolt API key into the code then link the hardware with the module.