Buzzer setup issue

I am doing Home Automation Module exercise right now. Wherein I have used breadboard and male to male connectors to make connections, everything worked as expected with the LED but when I connect Buzzer it did not work.

Basic connection that I have made where LED is working:
Basic setup working with LED
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I have already checked that the positive and negative pins are put correctly.

How can I check if Buzzer is not defective?
How could I rectify this problem?

Don’t use resistor…
Connect positive side of buzzer to 0 pin and negative to GND pin…

There is no need to use the resistor for this connection
You can connect the buzzer by following these steps :
Step1: Insert the negative leg into Ground pin of Bolt (For this you can use the male to female connecting wire/ jumper wire)
Step2: Insert the other leg which is positive (long one) in digital 0 pin of Bolt. I would recommend to use the male to female wire.
the above steps are direct and I haven’t used breadboard. It is up to you to use it.
And for code you can use same as that used in controlling LED.

It worked!!
Thank you both @jaiswalshivani2111 and @Neeraj546

@salekarsagar123 Hi so according to you if you want to check your buzzer externally simply buy a battery and connect it with he positive and gnd pins of the buzzer respectively. if it does not beeps that means its damaged and if beeps then its okay. Next you don’t need to attach any resistor as it lowers down the voltage a buzzer at least requires 5v to turn it on so remove the resistor and try once again.

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I tried with breadboard but it didn’t work. It worked for me. Thanks a lot.