Can I change School name in Bolt certificate?

While giving the certificate test, I filled my old school name. I didn’t know that it will be printed on the certificate. Is it possible to change the School name from there?

Hi @mr.sushen ,
Can you please share your email ID? I will check with the team regarding this and we will update you shortly. Also, which exam have you taken?

Mail ID:
I’ve given Online Training on Robotics and Arduino | Bolt IoT certificate test.

Hi @mr.sushen ,

Yes, we can change that. Please share your updated details and @ashwin.salgaocar will help you out.

Here is my Bolt Certificate @rahul.singh1, you can have all the details. I want to change the School name to “PSG College Of Technology, Coimbatore” or in short “PSGCT, Coimbatore”.
Looking forward to the reply of @ashwin.salgaocar
Thanks in advance.