Can I create custom api in bolt iot?

Can I create custom api in bolt iot?

example :
get requests

process in cloud bolt or bolt module
asd + qwe

{“value”: “3”, “success”: 1}


No, you cannot get custom API requests to access the Bolt cloud. The point of Bolt’s API is to access the pins, with digital/analog Write/Read.

You can customize settings on your side of the program, but to access any particular pin, you have to use the existing API format.

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how about adding custom program in bolt iot module or in the cloud?
for example, such as adding custom programing in arduino for linx


If you hamper with the Bolt IoT module, you might end up destroying its firmware.

The Module can handle only APIs through the Internet. So, to be able to use the Bolt Dashboard you must be using the API in any direct/indirect way.

Adding a program or any extra function, can be done on your side as well when you build any project for that particular setting. Write the function on Arduino itself, and use the UART method to communicate with the Bolt Module.

You can even do most of the programming in any other language as well. And then use AJAX, or requests to make API calls to the module to access any data or to control the pins.

Use the Bolt module to do the purpose it was created for. Access and Update the Bolt Cloud.