Can i do the project using windows only instead of ubuntu

can i use anaconda distribution on windows for the project without going for ubuntu?
Because am facing issues while installing boltiot python package on ubuntu.
If i can do eith windows please suggest how to do

Hi @speaktoshruthi,

Yes you can. But do understand that there is a reason why we are asking you to use digital ocean or a virtual machine to go through this course.

The point of the course is to teach you the basics of IoT, and IoT does not work without the Cloud.

Most popular Cloud servers run on linux, and it is important for you to experience how the programming on such systems is done, to really know how to use the Cloud servers for IoT work.

Yes, almost every domain works on different OS, but the main reason in learning and using Linux is to be professional whereas the main motto behind developing the regular Windows OS is that a computer should be useful to any common man.