Can I make API calls (not just to Bolt Cloud) using Bolt IoT Module?

Hi everyone. Actually, I am making a project from Bolt IoT WiFi Module and I was wondering if I can make API calls using it.

Like in the case of Nodemcu, we can make API calls using the WiFiClientSecure and ESP8266 header files to any host and thus get the response. But I am not sure if I can do the same with the Bolt IoT module. Because I guess if I try to do that then I may reset the firmware and thus my module will break down.

Looking for some answers to clarify the situation

You can push javascript code to make api calls with Bolt Wifi Module. This would not temper any firmware. The script will run once your device is online.

Yup, that’s acceptable but the script through bolt cloud runs after every 5 minutes (the minimum threshold available), but in my case, I want to make API requests in every 1 minute. So, I guess I should switch to some other idea.

Isn’t there any free trial of Bolt Cloud Pro? Becuase if it is there, then I can first try and see how it works for my case

Hello , @vishalvats2000

Apologies for the late response,
Yes there are free trials of Bolt Cloud Pro for approximately 1 month :
yes you can make the API calls using JavaScript and pushing code directly to the cloud.
Here are some references which might help you understand better : boltiot - Dart API docs