Can you approve my project

Hi recently I created a projcet on bolt clouds ideas but it has not been approved so it is not published but I need the link to give your exam so it is my kind request can you approve my project or is there anothere way u can submit project in exam

I am having the same problem. It is almost a month since I submitted my project but it hasn’t been published yet. This is ridiculous.

@hemsharan2050 @raunakd

We will be reviewing the projects by coming friday.

@hemsharan2050 @raunakd

Have you submitted the project for final test marks or for it to be published on our site?

I have not given test beacuse I don’t have link of projec can I get link if it is not published on ur site if yes how

you dont need public link of the project to submit on the test. you just need the preview link. that is enough. it is clearly mentioned in the training portal.

yes i have submitted my project, given my test and also received my certificate. it has been almost a month. but still no action from bolt has been taken to publish my project and making it pubic. i pleade to bolt to please make it happen. i have seen a lot of people facing this issue. most of us have to submit the public link of our projects to our colleges as a proof. so we need it badly.

Thank you for informing

Hi @raunakd,

We only make the best of the best projects in terms of quality, creativity, problem-solving ability, and uniqueness public via our site You get marks for your project regardless of whether it is made public or not, but your project that is listed on the site will always show as pending.

If you feel that your project can make the cut, please share a link to your project here. I am expecting that you will share the preview link. We at BoltIoT will figure out how to find your project.

If you need to submit a public link to your college, I would suggest sharing the link to your device view, where you can show the control of your project live to the reviewer. Read through the following link for more details.

Hi @vinayak.joshi this is my link can you check this:

Hi @hemsharan2050,

I have gone through your project.

Here is my project preview link.
I understand what you say but if my project gets published it will make my training complete and successful. I request you to make it public. Hoping for the best.