Can you provide some details quiz marks

is this quiz marks for every section will get added in final exam score?

hi @shaikhkaashu
no they won’t be…
we have to write test at the end of the course which will hold 40% of marks…
do good in that

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Actually it does not matter. Your final test has 40% weightage, project 40% and forum answering 20.%

Not at all its just to increase and test ur knowledge

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Hi @shaikhkaashu , these quizes are only for you to evaluate yourself. There will be a seperate quiz contributing 40% of total marks. That is only what matter.

Hi @shaikhkaashu Quiz marks at the end of each module will not be counted for the final exam. These quizzes are for your valuation in that particular module. The final exam will have 3 sections. MCQs 70 marks, Project 22 marks and 8 marks for two questions answered on bolt forum.