Cannot access training

I purchased the Kit including the training but now when I try to access the training it shows it will be available after the product is delivered.
I accidentally linked my device to another email of mine instead of the one I provided when I ordered.
Can someone please provide the lectures in either of my accounts or unlink it from my other account (
P.S. I purchased the kit in 2019

The first thing you can do is login to using your previous email id and Go to profile Profile Picture → Edit profile → Edit Profile and update your email id.

The next step is to unlink your device from your . Login to Bolt Cloud using your previous email id and unlink the device from your account.

And then create your Bolt Cloud account using your new email account and follow the setup process again to link your Bolt device to your new account.

Hope this will help you!

Hi @gopalkrizz1416,
I am asking the team to unlink your device. Please share your device id.

Also, regardless of which account you linked your device to, you must have received training access for the email with which you purchased the course. Please try logging into this website with the email you purchased your training with and let me know if it works.

Hi @gopalkrizz1416 ,

I have unlinked the device form the account Please follow the setup process again to link your device to your cloud account. Also Can you share your order id so that I can mark your order as paid?