Cannot add device to the bolt app

i tried adding my device to the bolt app but it keeps saying could not connect to light is continuesly blinking. only one phone is getting connected to the bolt hotspot. but that also is showing the same error. then i tried putting the ssid and password through thr BS.txt file. there it says the file is write protect. how do i connect the device.


What version of Bolt hardware do you have? Is the module White or Green in color?

i am using the green module

Hi @lloyddsouza0 ,

Please create an account here, and then login.

You will get access to the documentation that was meant for Bolt Hardware Version 1.

The Bolt Team does not provide support for Bolt Hardware Version 1 as it is now deprecated.

its landing me to the same page except for the home page is different. so how do i proceed with this.

Hi @lloyddsouza0

Bolt IoT app is designed for Bolt version-2 (White color Bolt). You can not use that app for setting up the Bolt version 1. I think there is some problem with your SD card. Format the SD card and copy the Bolt -SD- Card file from github and paste it to root directory of SD card, means when you open the SD card, all the files should be visible without going inside any folder and then change in bs.txt file.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

I have version 2 and i want to connect it with the same mobile which will be providing it an hotspot. How should i do it? @rahul.singh

It can be done in the same way as we connect it from another device.I was also not able to do it first.But later got it.