Cannot change keyboard settings on VM Virtual Box

I am not able to insert double inverted commas.
RED marked symbols appears when i select inverted inverted commas ,also i have configured the UK qwerty while installing the software.
Please see this screenshot

Do your code works with that symbol?

No its not working.
Semicolon , colon , double inverted comma all this is giving the same symbol.

Hi @kingkaran00,

Check this thread

Tried resolving the issue using above link but again the same problem.
There 's problem only with single inverted comma now .

For getting double inverted comma press shift +red marked key in the image(in case someone faces the same problem)

Please help if you find a solution for singe inverted comma.

Hi @kingkaran00,

Can you change the setting of your keyboard from UK to US QWERTY ? also try with other keyboards and check if it is working.