Cannot connect to my phone

When I connect the bolt module to a power source, it start to blink slowly and suddenly the blue light becomes stable after about 2 seconds. Not able to connect the module to my phone. I am also mentioning that I am connecting the module for the 2nd time.

Cannot find the Bolts hotspot in my Wifi menu. When clicking continue its showing like this as you can see at the bottom of the screenshot.

Hi @siddarth.rajesh8 it happens with me many times . First you need to power on your bolt wifi module by connecting it to 5V USB power adapter and then connect it to wall socket. Now ,blue LED may blink slowly then open the bolt app on your phone and open your wi fi settings and connect to bolt network and now blue LED will start blinking fastly then you need home wifi or two phones to connect it to stable network .Remember it will not connect to open wifi networks. Your network should be secured with some password . it will connect to your wifi network now and blue and green LED will stable and you can see your bolt device online .Hope your doubt may solve now


No need to worry. Just follow the steps very carefully and cross check after each step that you have followed the step correctly. Following are more detailed steps:

  1. Firstly connect your module to wall socket or laptop using USB cable.
  2. Open the bolt application in mobile phone.

Now what we have to do is connect the phone and bolt module to create secure network of their own. For this the bolt module will continuously act as a hotspot. This is what happens when bolt module’s blue bulb is blinking slowly. Now every electronic device can receive the modules request. What we have to do is enter the password from the electronic device to connect to the module. So we use our mobile phones and bolt application. Here the password you see is the password to connect to module. So now:

  1. Go to your wifi setting in your phone. There you will see the bolt hotspot network. Do not click on continue in the app.
  2. If you do not find the hotspot of module. Then click on refresh button on the wifi settings. If still you cannot find the hotspot after few minutes then try same with the different phone.

Now if the blue light is blinking slowly then I don’t think that the module is damaged. I think it’s probably due to phone. Keep phone and module close.

  1. If you find the bolt hotspot then click on it and it will ask you to enter password as provided above to connect to modules wifi.

I think you are facing problem till here. Further steps you can follow as provided in video of the demonstration to set up. If still you face problem please click more screen shots and post them here.

When I connect the bolt module to my laptop for power the blue light starts blinking slowly and within 2 seconds the blue light becomes stable. Stable means it’s connected, right? When I check my wifi menu there is no bolt module connected to my phone. I hope u understand my issue.

Okay I understood now. So you have connected to the bolt cloud following upto last steps but it is still not showing any device connected. If I got it right this time then that means there is something wrong with accessing internet using your ISP router. You can try connecting to internet using another phone’s hotspot to access internet instead of ISP wifi.

please change the power cable

@mini.mansi22 I am not getting any time to connect the Bolt module to my phone. The blue light turns stable within 2 seconds. And the bolt module is not showing up on my phone because it get connects to some other device(stable blue light means connect to a device). Is there any way i can reset the Bolt module. Is there any way i can share video of my issue. I need help asap and i want to finish this training as soon as possible.

is your bolt device showing stable green light?

If the two LEDs are blinking, it means your Bolt Module is connected to Wi-Fi. The hotspot will be turned off automatically when the Bolt Module gets connected to the Wi-Fi. To connect to the Bolt hotspot, go away from your Wi-Fi range, then the Bolt Module will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi and you can connect to the Bolt hotspot. To connect to Bolt Hotspot again, read the following steps.

  1. To connect to the Bolt hotspot, you should turn off your Wi-Fi on your phone. After giving the power supply to Bolt Module then if the blue light is blinking slowly then you are ready to connect to Bolt Module Hotspot.
  2. After connecting to the Bolt Module hotspot then you can connect the Bolt Module to any Wi-Fi network.
  3. When the Bolt Module is connected to the Wi-Fi, then the blue light will be blinking continuously (stable). If the connected Wi-Fi network has internet, then the green light will be glowing continuously (stable). After connecting to Wi-Fi and Internet only then both blue and green lights will be glowing.

@rajeshmundotia No. The green light is not even blinking.

That means your device in not connected.
Do the steps mentioned below.

  1. I hope you have downloaded the bolt app on your mobile phone. Open that.
  2. Created a hotspot from other mobile or from home router (preferred) which has internet connection.
  3. Give power to bolt IOT. ( make sure that you are not in range of previously connected hotspot)
  4. Now your bolt IOT will be visible. now, you can scan for available wi-fi network on your mobile. Connect bolt IOT with given password in the app.
  5. Once it is connected with your mobile, go to the app. It will show you the available network to which you can connect your Bolt IOT.
  6. Select the network and enter the password of the network.
  7. After that, you bolt IOT will be connected to that wi-fi network.
  8. After connection you bolt iot will stop creating hotspot and will be connected to the network (green light).
    9)Note that, after connection you don’t need to connect your mobile with Bolt IOT hotspot. it is only required when you are connecting the BOLT iot with other networks.

I hope this will help you. if any query please let us know

@rajeshmundotia thanks for your help. I have connected to internet. both the blue and green light are stable. Now i have a new problem. After connecting to the internet to another phones hotspot , the module gets disconnected from my phone. And i am stuck in the wifi list page. And my device is not connecting to the cloud

It is obvious that when IOT bolt module gets connected to any hotspot then it stops its own hotspot. and it will not be connected to your mobile phone. your mobile connection with bolt IOT hotspot is not required now. (For example, you cannot keep your wifi connection and hotspot On together on your mobile phone. if your wi-fi connection is ON in mobile and you start hotspot on mobile then your wi-fi connection will stop.)

@rajeshmundotia thanks for your help. Everything is going good now

All the best for your future endeavour…

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@siddarth.rajesh8 I think there a problem with your adapter or the bolt iot chip is already connected to the wifi.
if it is the adapter than change it to a 5V 2A adapter of any well known brand.
if it is the bolt iot chip then reset the chip to connect it to the desired wifi network.