Cannot use relay with Bolt Module

Unable to turn on/off the relay using the Bolt module. I’m not completely sure of which connection pins to use on the relay to use in what manner. However, the indicator LED on the relay module I’m using does turn ON/OFF.

Check video

Connected VCC, In 1 and GND With 5v, Digital Pin 0 and Gnd on Bolt respectively.

Left JD Vcc, Vcc, and GND open.

If anyone can help with what connections to make, it’d be really helpful.

could you tell me what you are going to do with your relay elaborately so that i can get the general idea of what is the problem actually you are facing.
And also before using relay just go through the relay pin configuration and connection and also how to use it that may solve your problem. Just like reading the user guide of a Relay.


Here is the AC connection of the relay module. Make sure you take all the necessary safety measures.

Important Warning !! Please share a clear pic of the connections that you will be making before turning on the AC power supply.