Cant able to push the data to the cloud

hello , i have been trying to log the gps data to the cloud , and for first time i tried to log the push button state to the cloud it was working well , later i tried same to gps , by store the gps value in the variable and push the variable to the cloud , only latitude value precisied upto on edecimal point was added that to for once i have been trying to deploy the values didnt stored in the cloud and i again tried to store the push button value that was also not storing in the cloud , and i checked every documents and every files it wasnt working well

so please can u help me with this , i am stuck with this , i have checked the API KEY AND BOLT ID too , i have tried with every other options too , it wasnt working at all

Hi @rakeshozon,

Can you please share the code that you have written in bolt cloud?