Can't connect to the bolt wifi module

Hi, my bolt id 11922465 is unable to connect once it shows unable to connect or cant connect to this network. The network dissappears from the wifi networks which are available

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The above isuue can be resolved by following the below mentioned steps:
i. Make sure that your BOLT IOT is connected properly and is powered on.
ii. Make sure the BOLT IOT is displaying BLUE blinking light.
iii. Restart the app and again follow the steps one by one.

Hope the issue that you are facing will get resolved after this.

For connecting the Bolt to your cloud account, the Bolt IoT Mobile App is available for download on the Android Play store and iOS App Store. It is not available for other mobile OS such as Windows since the number of users of these Mobile OS is very low. Search for “Bolt IoT” on the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, use the same username and password that you used for creating your Bolt Cloud account to log in to the app.

There aren’t any physical On or Off button on the Bolt WiFi Module. To power it on, just plug in the Micro USB Power Adaptor and Blue LED will start blinking showing that it is on.

Once you power on the Bolt WiFi Module, it will start its local WiFi Hotspot. You need NOT know the password of this Hotspot. Just open the Bolt IoT mobile app and follow the instructions in the App to set it up.

i did everything exactly as told i cant seem to connect it and it shows internet not available

Hi @matia8734

In your phone wifi settings you can try to forget the Bolt device network. Then try reconnecting it again by following these steps:

  • Turn on the Bolt wifi module. The blue led should blink slowly
  • Go to Bolt app , Select add device , Copy the password.
  • Click on open wifi settings, select the Bolt device id. The blue led should blink rapidly.
  • Now paste the password. The bolt device should display " connected without internet". Now the blue led must be stable
  • Then come back to the bolt app, Click on continue. A list of available wifi networks will be displayed.
  • Select your internet / Wifi connection name and enter the correct password and click on continue.
  • At this point Bothe the Green and Blue led must be stable.
  • Click on verify . Give it some time and you are done. The bolt device will be displayed on the dashboard.

Kindly follow these steps correctly. If you are still not able to solve the issue,let us know and we will guide you on call to resolve the issue,

Hi @matia8734

Apologies for the inconvenience. I believe my colleague had contacted you and helped in getting the issue resolved.

If you have any other queries , please feel free to get back to us.