Can't connect to WiFi module

Hi everyone , I had bought my bolt ki about 5-6months ago , after having bought it I had also created led and buzzer project , everything was fine untill my exams started and after many weeks when I try to connect to my wifi module I can’t connect using my phone, it just won’t come online but my laptop connects to it but the blue light never turns green instead blinks fast(but still offline) ,when I open bolt app on Android it doesn’t show the list of networks to connect to, how can I reset everything and start anew

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according to me, first you should turn off all the hotspots which you connected to your Bolt wifi module. then click on “ADD DEVICE” and try to connect your mobile phone(in which you installed bolt iot app) and Bolt wifi module. I tried this when it happened to my device .



Please follow the same process that you had used for the first time to setup the device. You should be able to setup the device.

Hi, @akhilshalil22. Please try using bolt iot app from smartphone
After that, login with registered email account that you had used for training.
Then connect to wifi module or wifi hotspot and then follow same process directed by bolt iot app.