Can't upload project on the website

I’ve been trying to upload my project since yesterday but I can’t upload any images or data. The website doesn’t even load sometimes and all my uploaded data is lost. Unable to save any changes and the site keeps saying that I am offline whereas I’m connected to good quality internet. The images don’t get uploaded and give this error “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘get’)”


Can you please attach screenshots of the same? We shall look into it.

Meanwhile, you can prepare the documentation in a word document file. We will let you submit your drive link later if the problem sustains.

keeps showing this everytime I try to access the website


Our site is down. We will update you when it’s up and running, till then you can document your project on your word document file.

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We have update the site, please check if you are able to access it.

I can access it but I keep getting this error for a few images

Still shows the offline error when I’m connected


We will look into this issue. Did you try uploading single images?

You can also share images hosted online -