Failed to write to disk - Image uploading failed

In my project, I tried to upload images in Bolt IoT project submission platform, but I’m getting this message

Kindly, help me out by increasing the server storage sir @rahul.singh1.


I have taken forward your request, but it is recommended to use the Image LINK rather than uploading the image on the site for now.

I’ll let you know of any updates.

Thank you sir @akshayan.sinha.

Upon uploading the image using LINK, it shows the following error -

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Hi @yashasvi.khare1999,

That could be the case of an invalid/broken image link.

You can follow the below steps and debug this error you are facing.

STEP 1 - Upload in any Online free image hosting service

Visit > Click on ‘Start Uploading’ > Browse and select your image file > Click ‘Upload’ (Avoid Google image links)

STEP 2 - Open the link, and Copy the Image link

STEP 3 - Paste the link on the Edit page

Your issue could be most likely because of a broken URL. Make sure the link has an image format (like jpg, png jpeg) at the end of it.

If you face any issue in any step, or have any queries, do let me know.

Thanks a lot sir @akshayan.sinha . It worked out for me and the problem was solved.

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If you copy the url directly you’ll get this error.
after uploading image at ( you have to OPEN the uploaded image and then copy the address and paste it at INSERT FROM URL.