Certification help

Dear team,

I am Vyshnavi a B.Tech student at KL University, Vaddeswaram. I enrolled in a course BOLT IOT and ML a couple of months ago and completed all my video lectures. But I have not yet completed my exam as I have not completed my project due to my semester exams. But there is an issue regarding the submission of my certificate and reviewing the training that I have undergone. If not I may lose my final marks.
I may not get certified as I have not completed my final exam. So, I request that team certify me a while that I have undergone 2 months of training in the respective course and I am sure that I will submit my project and finish my final exam before the end of this month. Kindly, help me in sorting out this issue and I hope I will get certified for a while to complete my review.

                                                 Thanking you, 
                                                                                               With regards,
                                                                                         Vyshnavi. Vippagunta

Hi @vyshnavivishnu1823 ,
You need not make a very complex project for the certificate exam, even a simple project like turning on and off the led would be accepted,but would fetch you minimum marks.

you have 70 marks for MCQ and 8 for 2 forum questions combined.

The exam will not take a lot of time, so attempt it. We cannot process the certificate otherwise.

What is the weightage mark of project?

@rohit1931119 project is of 22 marks.