Certification not yet received

Sir, i gave my certification exam on 7/7/19 (Sunday). The result showed that i got 62% which was provisional marks as my project and questions weren’t corrected then. They said i will get the finalized marks and certificate in 3 working days but haven’t got it yet. Can u please help me out sir… I have though downloaded the provisional certificate. @PPV

@rickan.datta What is the name you have entered on the certificate? Also, please check for an email with the subject “Bolt IoT test result”. This will be present in the inbox or spam folder.
The updated certificate will be present in the email that we have sent.

Sir, the name on certificate is ‘Ankit Datta’.
Also sir as u mentioned i checked my email, there is no such email present in my inbox.

@rickan.datta The certificate has already been sent to your email ID with the subject “Bolt IoT test result”. Check your SPAM folder also.

Thanks a lot sir. I got the certificate. Thank you very much.

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