Certification Test

What are the 2 questions that are to be answered on forum.boltiot.com before attempting the test and for building the project can we take already built projects and rebuild them or should we build new projects which are not built by anyone using bolt iot platform before attempting the test please tell in detailed what are these 2 what should we do before we attempt the certification test?

@sonusajid004 In the certification test, you will need to

  1. Paste two links of any question that you have answered on forum.boltiot.com. The answer can be to any question on the forum. You can also answer to an already solved question by solving it any alternative way or improving on the answer.
  2. Create a project on hackster.io and paste the link to the project in the answer to the question. The project need not be a new project, you can build and improve on existing projects and describe in the project how you have done the project. Marks are awarded for creativity, project description and originality of the project. Any video that you have created for the project to show its demonstration will earn you bonus marks.

Once you have answered the questions, these will be reviewed by us and the marks out of 30 will be awarded once we have reviewed the forum questions and project.

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yes, you should paste i think.

@shoeb.ahmed… How to link those links while taking exam… Can u explain with any screenshot that how to link them?

@pavanbm17 You can copy paste the URL of your project on hackster.io.
To know your answer link, you can click on the “Chain” icon next to your answer and you can find the link over there. Paste that link in the exam when asked for it.

i need to submit only the capstone project or other than that…??

@awantika.ashi123 You can create any project on hackster.io and submit it on the examination question. The only condition for the project is that it must utilize the Bolt IoT module.

sir, we need to submit two projects or one only in the capstone one or both the capstone as well as the hackster one

we need to submit both capstone as assignment and hackster during certificate test.

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