Change SSID name of Bolt wifi module

Hello everyone,
I want to do one project using BOLT in that I want for every 10 minutes I want to the change the SSID of the wifi is there is any way to that
Note: I did it using node-MCU but I want to do it with bolt can anyone help me :slight_smile:

So you want to change the SSID name of your Bolt WiFi Module (ESP8266MOD)
If you have to change an SSID name following things are required.
First off, you have to go through the IP Address by which you can set it up that is in your browser where your Bolt IoT Module is connected.
But sometimes your IP address of ESP8266 might have been changed before , depending upon Bolt IoT Inventroom company.
But you should try this empirically.
At my extent , this would be quite easy to ask me your doubts apparently.
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