Change the email id for link bolt iot

i have purchase bolt iot on my account id and link to the so i wnat to change my id


You can follow below steps to get this done.
1] Disconnect the device.

  • This step will reset the wifi details stored on your device, so that you can connect it to the desired email later after step 2 is completed.
  • To disconnect, go to cloud dashboard, click on 3 vertical dots to the right of the device card under actions section.
  • Click on “Device info” and click disconnect. [ IMP: your device should be online when you disconnect it]

2] Unlink the device from your current account.

  • Go to 3 dots again, and select “Share this device”

  • Click on X symbol against your email id. The device will be removed and will be as good as new.

3] Re-configure the device using correct email id

  • You can now follow the same process that you did to connect the device first time, using new email id on the Bolt Mobile App.