Change wifi network given to the device during setup

I’ve given wrong wifi network to my bolt device during the setup process. how to change the network so that my bolt device will be online.

If your bolt is not yet connected, Click on add device and follow the setup again. It’ll connect to the wifi.

It shows device is added and I 'm unable to do setup process as it shows the my device is already added

Okay, that means, you want to change the wifi it is already connected with.

Follow the below steps -

  1. Install Advance IP Scanner in your laptop.

  2. Connect to the WiFi network the Bolt is connected to and find the IP address of Bolt. You can find the Bolt IP by the Hostname which will be something like “Expressif”. Note down the IP address of the Bolt.

  3. Type the following URL in your laptop’s browser after replacing <IP_ADDR> with the Bolt’s IP Address.

  4. Replace <HOTSPOT_NAME> with the Wifi Name (make sure the letters are eaxct) you want to connect with, and replace <HOTSPOT_PASSWD> with the password of your wifi.
    Type below URL in browser:

  5. This would Restart your Bolt device and it would connect to wiifi that you provided in Step 4, and now both the Led’s should be On and stable.