Changing wifi connection

at first i use a phones hotspot to connect my bolt iot wifi module. Now i cant able to connect with any other devices hotspot except the previous one…now what i do?


You will have to turn OFF your phone’s hotspot and power on the Bolt Wi-Fi Module.
You will then see that the Blue LED will blink slowly or will be stable which indicates that the Bolt is not connected to WiFi and transmitting a hotspot.

Then you can follow the same steps that you had followed for doing the Wifi Setup for the device. And now you can choose the other network to which you want to connect the device to while doing the Wifi Setup for the device

Follow this steps for the setup:

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Nobody can understand what my problem is!!! I am not aware about my first bolt project and not about how to connect hotspot with bolt wifi module first time . I have no wifi connection in my home and also I have only one phone . So first time I connected the bolt wifi module to a friend’s mobile’s hotspot. Now when I want to do my project if I want to connect my bolt module with hotspot other than that friend’s mobile’s hotspot then what should I do???

I have a bolt cloud account as well as I have bolt iot app in my phone also my bolt module is listed as a device in my bolt iot app.

I just want to connect my bolt module to another hotspot.

Suppose A and B are my two friends. At first for set up and to do my first project I connect with mobile hotspot of A. Now if I want to connect my bolt module with the mobile hotspot of B then what will be the step???

Its a very big problem. Because when that friend is not present with his phone , naturally I cant connect my bolt wifi module with another hotspot and I cannot complete my project.

Please help me out !:pray:

Hi @pratapkumarshu21,

In this case you may do one of the following below mentioned steps that will help you out to connect your Bolt Wifi Module to your own Hotspot.

  1. Power On the Bolt Wifi Module and in the step where you want to connect the device to the intended network there is a option of ADD NETWORK/ SETUP VIA HOTSPOT click on that and enter your phone hotspot SSID and PASSWORD. Ensure that you tick the checkbox: Check this if setting up via phone hotspot. and click on CONNECT then follow the steps as shown in the phone to do the wifi setup and you can see that bolt the Green and Blue LED’s will glow.


  1. You may use your Friends phone and login into your Bolt Cloud Account using your Friends phone and do the Wifi Setup of the device wherein now while connecting the device to the network Turn ON your phones hotspot and choose that network. By this the device gets connected to your OWN Hotspot .Once the device gets linked to your Hotspot you may logout from your friends phone and login using your phone to see the device in the Dashboard.


Let me know if you have any other queries.

thank you for help me out of this situation.