Communicate over private network

Is it necessary to connect to cloud to communicate with your bolt? Can’t I communicate with it on my private network?
I have a local network with no access to internet. The Bolt is connected to this local network. I want to communicate with it over WiFi from my laptop also on the same network. What will be the workflow here?

@abdulbasithashraf Although I am not very sure regarding this, but it seems to me that the firmware installed on the ‘Bolt Wi-Fi Module’ is such that the only “valid” way of communicating with the ‘Bolt Wi-Fi Module’ is via the ‘Bolt Cloud’. That is, you send your requests (say, from your VPS) to the ‘Bolt Cloud’, which then forwards them to the ‘Bolt Wi-Fi Module’. And as for the response, it follows a similar trajectory, that is the ‘Bolt Wi-Fi Module’ pushes the data to the ‘Bolt Cloud’ which then forwards the same to your VPS.
Hence, it appears that the ‘Bolt Cloud’ is a “mandatory” intermediary between us and the ‘Bolt Wi-Fi Module’.
Any attempt to communicate with the ‘Bolt Wi-Fi Module’ over a private network (which in other words may be stated as an attempt to establish a direct link to the hardware module, that is to bypass the ‘Bolt Cloud’ intermediary) may be futile for it shall involve something that the firmware does not permit per se.

The ESP32 development board allows something of this sort. Although not very sure regarding this as well but have certainly heard about it.


The bol cloud need internet cause if you connect to local network only to connect wold be through cloud which need internet tr using python to controll i