Confusion about Assured Internship

What is the difference between

Yes, one is saying we should perform those tasks i.e project of our choosing, (or two in case of the other task) to get the internship certificate but the other is we will get an email from bolt iot with a project so that we will get Internship certificate, which one is the correct method. Do we wait for this email or do we have to do one of those tasks?

Hi @badapborkkongor ,
You don’t have to wait for an email for this one. I am not sure about the other one, I have requested the team for clarification and you’ll soon get an update.

@badapborkkongor This is the assured internship, which will be 6 weeks project that you have to work on. And based on your submission, you will receive an internship certificate. There is no stipend for this. This is a list of companies that you can contact for getting paid internships. This may have multiple interview rounds to see evaluate your skills and completely depends on the company you are contacting.

Yes ,it’s absolutely true.