Confusion on droplet

Please let me know if i installed the linux by using vmware what is the exact difference between digital ocean droplet and this particular linux server. i have lots of confusion? after installing via vmware, is it needed to ssh , or ssh is only for digitalocean droplet. i am getting server error while i am doing with vmware ssh. btw i got the host address by this command “hostname -I”, and put it into ssh ipaddress.

sudo command is asking for password

even i can’t subscribe the python platform even

app-get update/upgrade is not working

sudo command: you need to provide your login password when sudo command asks for password
ssh: don’t worry about ssh as you’re working on linux server using vmware, there will not be any scenario in the entire course where you need to use ssh in linux server using vmware

and you made a mistake while updating/upgradin the right command is “sudo apt-get update” or “sudo apt-get upgrade” and not “sudo app-get update”

Don’t worry about ssh as you are using vmware on your pc. You will need to enter your password that you entered during the installation of your ubuntu server.
Enter your password to switch to sudo and try installing.
Also check the code that you mentioned and try again.
I think this could help you.
Thank you :slight_smile:

but without ssh how can i open the python


  • Login to your linux server

  • create a file using nano for ex: sudo nano

  • write your code into

  • press ctrl and o simultaneously and press Y to save your code

  • press ctrl and x simultaneously come out of nano

  • type “python3” to run your python script

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You don’t need ssh when you are using ubuntu my friend, as ubuntu has python inbuilt you can just move forward.

To check which python version you are running on your Ubuntu server do the following,

  • Login to your server
  • Type the following command - “python3 --version”
  • this will show you the version of python you are having and proceed

I think this could help :smiley:

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but you have said the sudo passwordand the login password is same, but they are saying that login credential incorrect

@aritra.bose.ece20 Yes your login password of linux server and and the password asked by sudo command are same, there might be some mistake you did while entering password.