Connected Bolt to my account but it didn’t sync to wifi

Hi! When I was connecting my Bolt IOT to my account it registered but didn’t connect to my wifi. Now it’s showing as offline and I don’t know what to do.

Hi @nsehgal2019

At which stage of Wi-Fi setup did you face this issue? Could you please let us know the status of led on the Wi-Fi module?

Here is a detailed documentation on how to setup the Bolt Wi-Fi module. Please go through these, it might solve your issue.

If you still face any issues please feel free to get back to us.

@nsehgal2019 You can repeat the steps to the connect to the Wi-Fi again. Make sure that you enter the password correct as it is case-sensitive. Upper case, lower case characters should be entered correctly.

If you try again it should get connected. Do let us know if you are still not able to connect.

You probably need to setup up the wiring again and connect to the wifi by adding correct password.

The module switches between glowing blue and the quick flashing blue (when its working as a hotspot).

The issue is that when I attempt to resign it up, it says I already registered that device. However, it still will show as offline on the app.

Hi @nsehgal2019

It seems that you were unable to resolve the issue even after following the text tutorials. We will get over on call with you and guide you through the Wi-Fi setup process. Kindly contact us on WhatsApp on 9309051639 with subject line as " not able to connect to Wi-Fi" .

@nsehgal2019 Also please share your email id that you had used to place the order so that we can find the details to contact you.

Before we try connecting on WhatsApp, can we try deleting the device from the account?

My id is the same as my user which is

Hi @nsehgal2019

We were unable to track your details and order on your given email id Please share the email id with which you had placed the order so that we can track and solve the issue.


The id I provided is the one linked with the account. When you say order id do you mean the email that was used to buy the device?

Hi @nsehgal2019,

Please share your email id that you had used to place the order so that we can find the details to contact you.

Hi, nsehgal2019 you try entering your hotspot SSID and password later try by turning off your mobile wi-fi and turn on your mobile hotspot as well as mobile data it will connect to your mobile and green led turns on indicating that you are online.

Hi @nsehgal2019

We received your query on our WhatsApp no 9309051639. As discussed over WhatsApp , our team was able to guide you and the query was resolved.

Happy learning!