Connecting Bolt graph with an android app

I’m actually trying to connect the sensor value graph of Bolt IoT to an app that I’m trying to develop so that with a single click i can easily access to the data graph… Any idea?

thank you.

Hi @pagadala.prameela173,

You can see the control page from the Bolt IoT App. First check if you are able to see the graph on on your laptop/desktop. Then open the Bolt IoT app and click on the device name and it will open the control page.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

@pagadala.prameela173 which platform are you using to create your app.

thanks for the suggestions, i was actually using the MIT app inventer and i used the web viewer… coppied my graph link and pased it… dats it… it’s working…thanks once again

@pagadala.prameela173 I do want to create an app on mit app inventor. I have a doubt. Did you have to login inside the app to view the graph.

yes we need to login in order to get the graph for it