Connecting Bolt ID to Mail Account

Sir I have tried to connect the bolt ID BOLT15631713 with but it showing error. Please help me out by connecting this.

Hi @fcsatstem07,

The BOLT15631713 is already linked to

sir please change the account to for BOLT15631713

Hi @fcsatstem9,

Could you provide the Email ID used for the training purchase?
We cannot locate any purchases associated with either or

we have purchased this bolt through creya in bulk quantity and for each time when we are facing any issue there is a delay of responding from creya. So we are directly connecting to you.

I think you have a data of each bolt that to whom you are provinding.

Hi @fcsatstem9,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
I have now linked the Bolt Device BOLT15631713 with the account . You can now view the device by logging into the Bolt Cloud using the same Email ID.

Yes it was now connected thankyou Rohit.