Connecting bolt to cloud

after entering network name and password it keeps loading for a very long time and then shows request timed out. please help

check if the network name & password you entered is correct or wrong.
if you give correct name & password it will be done.

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some time this problem occurs due to network ,
so try to connect with another network.
because if you are using any organization network or any university wifi network and there may be their firewall for security reason , so due to firewall sometimes this problem occurs and you can’t able to connect with that network

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@ishika.c1671 Try doing the setup once more by exiting the app and trying again.

check have you entered right password or try removing the password it can help

Close the app and restart it again, make sure that you entered the right credentials. Choose a network which you want to connect and then connect to it. It may take some time while setting up this process but after few seconds it will get connected

Hi Ishika,
You need to restart your bolt device and repeat the same process again. Check your internet connection speed it should be faster. i think this should work for you…