Connecting motors

How can I connect the RS2205 emax motor to my bolt WiFi module??? What are the additional hardwares required for this?? Can I connect more than one motor to my WiFi module at a same time will it damage my module???

Hi @chandbud5,

To interface this motor to the Bolt WiFi module, you will first have to interface it with an Arudino. Here is a link on how to do that. The link provides details of all the hardware you will need.

Once that is done, you can modify the Arduino code to interface the Bolt WiFi module to it, and then control the motor using the Bolt WiFi module.

You can go through the following project to understand how to do interface the Bolt WiFi module with an Arudino.

@chandbud5 You can connect as many motors as you want but to the motor driver circuit interfacing with Arduino and which will require an additional battery of 12 Volts. I have done a project containing a servo motor and 4 DC motors. So, you will need an extra 12 Volt battery connected to the motor driver circuit because Arduino cannot supply enough current for the motors alone.

Thanks for your response.