Connecting the phone to wifi with internet message

I have transferred the wifi details to the bolt hardware module. After that, it showed a message “As the next step, please connect the phone to the wifi with internet”. After connecting to the wifi, the bolt wifi gets disconnected and hence, the blinking becomes slow. Please help me troubleshoot this problem.
The screenshot is shared herewith.

Also, while linking to the cloud, it shows “device does not exist”.

Hi @pritichha15,

At this step, please connect your phone to the Internet by switching ON mobile data or connecting to WiFi which has Internet access. Then click the retry button shown in the screenshot.

The device will be linked to your account. Let us know if you face any issues.

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I also got stuck at this same step. It is not linking at all. I am following the steps, still it is not working.

. The blue LED is not blinking and the device is connected to my pc hotspot.

I suggest you try doing the setup one more time.
and better try along with the video of it

You need to power on your Bolt device. Use a 5V Micro USB Power Adaptor connected to a power supply mains to power on the Bolt.

I mean to say that the LED is steady glowing and is connected to my wifi.

Also sir, I have noticed in that step, in the video, the “cloud” LED started to glow. But in my case, the cloud LED is not glowing. Please tell me what to do.

Hi arunavapauul.222ps004
I notice that your problem is to connect the Wifi cloud
1.Make sure your connected to Bolt wifi module to your wifi
2. Restart the process from scratch (reconnect the bolt iot device)
3.And then press to the bolt iot device number and press the connect cloud button

let us know if you face any issue…with clear image i understand better


✓ Hardware Requirements :

1.Bolt IoT device.
2.Smartphone -1(with wifi + Bolt IoT app).
3.Smartphone -2(with hotspot + internet connection).

✓Steps to follow :

Step 1: Power ON the bolt device using micro USB cable with minimum of 5V(Blue LED blinks slowly).

Step 2: Then you take your Smartphone -1 open Bolt IoT app follow the steps given in that app, after finishing those steps.

Step 3: Turn ON wifi and wait until bolt hotspot connect with your Smartphone -1.

Step 4: After pressing continue, Turn ON the hotspot in your Smartphone -2 alright your bolt connected.

NOTE : Use Smartphone -2 is your regularly using mobile, since it connects with bolt.

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Hi @arunavapaul.222ps004,

We apologize for the delay in responding. Following our conversation over the phone, please confirm if the Green LED briefly illuminates when you power on the device. Additionally, kindly provide a video demonstrating this, as it will help us assess if there is a problem with the Green LED. If the LED is indeed faulty, we can arrange for a replacement. However, if the issue is related to the WiFi setup of your Bolt WiFi module, we will assist in resolving that.

Try connecting with a different wifi or hotspot connection if one internet connection is not working. This had helped me during the setup process. And make sure your bolt wifi module is switched ON (connected to a power supply, connecting to your laptop should also be enough) during the whole process.