Connecting to a new hotspot

How do i connect my bolt to a new hotspot?
for example: first i had used my aunt’s mobile hotspot to connect my bolt module to cloud now i want to use my mom’s mobile hotspot to connect my module to cloud(same cloud and same account). How do i change it?

Turn off the initial hotspot.
Install the bolt app on your mom’s phone.
Turn on the device and wait for slow blinking blue led.
Open the bolt app on your mom’s phone… Login using your cloud credentials and continue the connection process as done earlier.
It will now connect to your mom’s hotspot.

Forget your aunt’s WiFi password from settings.
Install Bolt App on your Moms phone
Repeat the same procedure as you did in your aunt’s.

@vivekbhandariforever You can switch off the mobile hotspot in your Aunt’s phone and install the app on a different phone(not your mom’s phone).
Switch on the hotspot from your Mom’s phone and do the setup on the other phone. During the setup where it asks you for the WiFi, click on the hotspot of your Mom’s phone.

If internet is available and it is within range of the Bolt, it will get the new WiFi to connect to.

first go to the setting of your mobile phone and then click on the portable hot-spot setting of your phone. After clicking on this a new window open in which u have to click on setup portable hot-spot option. it will show all details of your SSID, SECURITY TYPE & PASSWORD. Note all the details.

Now you have to install bolt application from google play store. here all the details will be given to add device and at the same time you have to open the wi-fi of your mobile phone. and after all you have to submit all the details that u have note down in earlier stage.
it will help you . if you have problem you can share.