Connectiom problem

sir I have connected my bolt module to my network & it is showing online & green dot also & green led is stable & glowing but after every 12 minutes it is automatically disconnected from the network & it is trying to connect the network but can’t connect( hotspot timeout is disabled). Then I turned off & on the module & then it connected again. every time it is happening… Solution PLz

Try doing the setup process once again.
It should fix your problem.
If then also your problem is not solved, then try contacting customer care/Support for further enquiry.

Please try re-connecting your BOLT device to the internet. Try to establish the connection again. Follow the instructions and watch the video. Please keep in mind to follow the instructions step by step.And pause the video after every step suggested. This should help.

Hi @aninda0690,

Please go through the following and ensure that your device is using the latest firmware.

My bolt also used to disconnect and I had to re-setup it every time.

1)Connect your Bolt via Setup from the app
2)Go to (Your Wifi router’s admin page)
3)Go to DHCP client list and copy bolt’s Mac address and assigned ip
4)Go to DHCP address reservation, enter the Mac address and the ip and enable it.

It didn’t cause problems to me after this.