Connection Fail(problem)

Hello sir/mam, I am facing problem while connecting wifi module through the app.

It is asking for the password.

I tired adding the one that i have created while logging in bolt account as it is mentioned in one of videos of how to set up connection.
please can you help me in this.

hii @jyotidabade97
In case you forgot your bolt cloud password or it is showing incorrect then change your bolt cloud password. open the and choose forgot password option below the sign in module. Then enter your email address. It will ask for a new password . then use the new password for connecting wifi module through the app and follow the procedures as given in the lessons for the connection.

thank you!!

Hello @jyotidabade97
The password of all Bolt Wifi Module initially is:

This shall help guide you through the installation process: Installation process

Also please look up the forum for your queries before creating new ones. The answer to your query can also be found at: Initial Password for Bolt IoT?

Happy to help! :smiley: