Connection issue after turning off

after doing one project i turned off the bolt iot esp module. now when i turned it on again its not getting connected to the wifi . do i have to set it up again?


What is the status of your LED lights on Bolt Device?

The blue led is turning on and off. With normal delay


It is not connected to your wifi Hotspot. Did you turn off the hotspot it was connected with earlier?

Do you see the device in your Dashboard -, when you login with the same email ID you were signed in to the app when you setup the Bolt Device?

No I didn’t turn it off. I just turned the module off. I actually connected it to the home’router. Which we don’t switch off usually


Please let me know this as well.

Yes I still can see the device in the list. But it’s showing off-line


No worries, setup the device again with the home router. Let me know if it again disconnects from the network.

How to do it again. Like am not able to remove it frm the devices list. Can you please send me the procedure to do it


Click on Add device and follow the same procedure.