Connection of any other wifi module

if i buy any other wifi module(esp8266) other than the one given by bolt than will it be connective to my bolt iot app installed in my phone or i need to buy it from the bolt iot itself if i need to purchase another one

Hi @rikbasukalna2016,

You can use the Bolt IoT app only with the Bolt IoT device.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Can I power on my bolt wifi module with battery… If yes then tell me the specification of the battery

After completion of this course, can I work with other wifi module or be comfortable with this wifi module only… I am asking it because bolt wi-fi module is much costlier than other wifi module… So after completion of this can I work with normal random esp8266 modules… Like node mcu ???

@rikbasukalna2016 you could potentially power your bolt module with a battery which when fully charged provides around 6 to 7 V and when discharged provides around 5V. Connect the positive end to the 5V pin socket the and ground of the battery to the ground pin. Since BOLT has a built-in linear voltage regulator, it will automatically convert this voltage to 3.3 V. To protect your battery from over-discharge, do use a battery management system.

The BOLT cloud only works with the BOLT module. It’s up to you to use any other ESP8266 module along with the bolt.

You can even add a Raspberry pi directly to the Bolt Cloud, but that’s a Bolt Cloud pro feature.

no , actually i want to power it via the usb port of the bolt wifi module through battery and then run it as per my convinience so for that what should i do.?

@rikbasukalna2016 the USB port and the 5V port on the Bolt is directly connected. So the above message applies to that too.

I guess you want to the power bank? Yes, you can use a power bank to power the Bolt.

if you want to powerr it via usb port of the wifif module through battery and again if you want it run as per your convenince then you would use a relay module it would be a nice option switch on or cut the power when its required.