Connection problem with cloud

I don’t know what is wrong with my Bolt module. Sometimes it gets conncted to the cloud within minutes. And today It couldn’t connect to the cloud for so long. The blue lights were blinking and everything.

Also it’s showing authentication error for the Bolt hotspot. It’s asking for a password which I am unaware of.

Few days back it was saying that it can’t connect with 5G network but now it got connected to 5G on its own and the green light is on suddenly.


Tap remove network from wifi in ur phone (i.e. remove bolt module hotspot from ur phone)
And then reconfigure your bolt module. As You did first Time

Hi @sahelikantha,

Click on the Bolt hotspot network and then “Do forgot network” from Wi-Fi List. And open the Bolt IoT app and follow the setup process again to link your device to your wifi network.

Refer to this video

Do let me know case you need further assistance.

Try connecting your laptop/desktop and the BOLT Wifi module with the same Wifi Connection.
For further details refer to this video

i suggest you to first remove the wifi from your handset and try to reconnect it with again but that time remve your hotspot password and increase the number of connections of hotspot more than one and make sure that you must connected to same active hotspot network

@sahelikantha your phone is able to connect with 5g network but after you upload it to bolt wifi module
it can’t connect to 5g network since it only has 2.5 GHz band . so to solve your problem change your wifi router’s band to 2.5 GHz and redo all the steps to configure your bolt module as mentioned in app.