Control BoltIoT board over local network without Cloud

Hey is there a way to control or give input to the BoltIoT board over the local network?
The API limit is hell annoying and the premium is very expensive for a student.
I just want to give data to the BoltIoT board over the local network from my computer, as you can do with NodeMCU, just remove the whole Cloud thing.


Bolt IoT is all about the Bolt Cloud. Without connecting to the cloud and using its services, there’s no point of Internet of Things.

I hope you got my point. If you just want to use on your local network, you can do that on NODEMCU as well, as you mentioned.

Bolt Cloud provides the cloud service after looking it many aspects of a student.

So, to answer your query, Bolt IoT does not provide you to control or monitor on local server.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else.