Control Panel not visible in Cloud

Succesfully registered the device, but the device is not seen on the home page in cloud.

Home page shows this:

  1. Install the ‘BOLT IoT’ app on your phone. 2. Follow the process given in the app.

installed the app, but on clicking “add device” and “ready” - the app is not detecting any device. Everything is connected to the same network

Now in the website, under DEVELOPER CONSOLE tab, I can see these :

    Upload Files            

Under devices

Device Name
Push Data

I can see the name - BOLT[6digitnumber]

Nothing under products.

No control panel. Any solutions?

Hi there will be a add product button. You will need to create a product first

@f2012561 Create a new product and assign it to your device in the devices tab in developer console. Once this is done you can go to the cloud home page or just scroll down in your app and the device shall appear.

SIR HOW TO ADD PRODUCT AND ASSIGN IT TO MY DEVICE.i am not able to get it resolved.

Hi @abhaysingh1711 ,

Follow this instructions to getting started with bolt cloud.
1) Go to Developer Console.
2) Click on Add product (+ symbol)

3) Type product name, choose an icon and default HTML page.

4) Now click on finish.
5) Now for getting started for simple led control. Download templates from Upload it to bolt cloud.

6) Now link HTML page to product.

7) Now attach the product to the device.

Let me know in case you need further assistance.

where is this developer console?

please reply where is developer console


First you will need to Add a device to your account before the developer console shows up.