Controlling buzzer

How can i control the buzzer, when my temperature reading is not in the given range.

Enter a loop that executes repeatedly:
Read temperature:
Call a function (e.g., read_sensor) to retrieve the latest temperature reading from the Bolt device’s specified sensor.
Check temperature range:
Compare the obtained temperature value with the lower_limit and upper_limit thresholds.
If the temperature is less than lower_limit or greater than upper_limit:
Call a function (e.g., control_buzzer) to turn the buzzer ON.
Otherwise (temperature within range):
Call the control_buzzer function to turn the buzzer OFF.
When the script is executed, it initializes the variables, enters the continuous loop, and performs the described actions.
The loop continuously checks the temperature, compares it to the range, and controls the buzzer accordingly, creating an automated system that reacts to temperature fluctuations outside the desired range.

Hi @adityas0152003

Do check the steps mentioned by @riyazmullaji2003 . Also below I have attached a small snippet of Controlling buzzer code. The working of controlling led and buzzer is similar.

singleButton({name:"Led On", action:"digitalWrite", 
        pin:"0", value:"HIGH",bgcolor:"green",
        shape:"rectangle",align:"left","text_color":"white" })

Please do try this and let us know. If you still face any issues, please feel free to get back to us.