Copied API keys to secrets but got error

I created the API account almost 6-7 time times and and while pasting the API code to the repel secret always error takes place

Hi @kritikasehrawat296

Please try creating a new open ai account with a different email id and different phone number which you have not used previously. Try this and let us if it works.

If you still face any issues please feel free to get back to us.

I followed the instructions which you told but again it is showing error

I think you should try with a new email id and mobile number to create openai account that should not be repeated earlier and then generate the api key and try it to paste it in the code.This will solve this error.

I already tried with the new email id and new phone number

Hi @kritikasehrawat296

Make sure that your verify the account created with the new email id and phone number. Otherwise you may not receive the credits.

Hi @kritikasehrawat296

As discussed on call with my colleague, you were not able to get the Open AI credits even after creating a new account with new email id and phone number . I believe you were able to resolve this issue by creating one more account with a different email and phone number and received the credits.

Happy learning.