Could not find bolt's hotspot in my wifi settings

For the first project that i have made, i was able to connect to bolts hotspot. But now, when i I reconnect the module via the USB cable connected with my laptop, the blue LED is blinking and is not getting connected to the cloud. And earlier it used to get automatically connected with the network.
And when I try to connect to the bolt hotspot manually, it shows secured.

And if I log out and try to reconnect again, for some time the bolt hotspot appear in my wifi setting, but it seys that it denied access. Then again it disappears

Hi @nirbehkaur

As discussed on call , thank you for confirming that your query was resolved by my colleague via Whatsapp.

If you need any further assistance ,please feel free to reach out

It seems like there might be a connectivity issue between your Bolt module and the cloud service. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check USB Connection: Ensure that the USB cable is securely connected between your Bolt module and your laptop. A loose connection might disrupt the communication.

  2. Blue LED Blinking: The blue LED blinking indicates that the Bolt module is trying to connect to the cloud but facing difficulties. It could be due to network issues or configuration problems.

  3. Check Bolt Hotspot Security: The Bolt hotspot should indeed be secured to prevent unauthorized access. Make sure you’re entering the correct password when trying to connect manually.

  4. Network Settings: Check if the network settings on your laptop have changed. Sometimes, updates or changes in network configurations can affect the connectivity between devices.

  5. Reconfigure Bolt Module: If the issue persists, try reconfiguring the Bolt module. Go through the setup process again to ensure that all settings are accurate.

  6. Check Cloud Service Status: Occasionally, the cloud service might experience downtime or maintenance periods, causing connectivity issues. Check if there are any announcements from the Bolt service provider regarding service disruptions.

By going through these steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue with connecting your Bolt module to the cloud service.